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5 Most Popular Metal Roof Colors (2023 Update)

If you are considering a metal roof for your home or want to change the exterior of your home, using the right color can make a big difference. Knowing the best metal roof colors can help you decide what to use on your house.

It doesn’t help many indecisive homeowners that virtually any color is available through many roof material manufacturers. Some companies offer custom colors to match your home perfectly.

This guide covers several factors in choosing new metal roof colors and how they affect your home and budget.

The 5 Most Popular Metal Roof Colors for Your Home

Although builders are creating houses more unique than ever, the most popular metal roof colors continue to show up on new homes. Many manufacturers provide color charts and color visualizer tools so you can picture the best color for your building.

Of course, the most popular color choice for a metal roof is neutral shades for a more classic look, like:

  1. Black and charcoal colors
  2. Beige and tan hues
  3. Browns
  4. Grays
  5. Whites

These are standard colors you will find with virtually any manufacturer in the industry.

However, a more bold paint finish is becoming more common with homeowners who want to make a statement with their new roof. Some of these different color options include:

  1. Metallics
  2. Bronzes
  3. Bright colors

Popular Metal Roofing Colors for Hot Climates

metal roof colors beige in hot climate

You can still install a metal roof if you reside in a region that regularly sustains extended UV rays or hot temperatures. Some metal roofs can efficiently reflect light and direct heat away from the house.

Using the ideal painted metal roof in these areas includes:

  • White
  • Light bronze
  • Beige
  • Pink
  • Peach

The Best Metal Roof Color for Cold Climates

A metal roof on a home that experiences freezing temperatures will not make your house colder if you choose metal roof colors correctly.

Naturally, dark colors will help retain heat better than using a light color material. Some different options for metal roof colors in cold regions include:

  • Black
  • Dark bronze
  • Deep browns
  • Darker grays
  • Dark greens and blues

However, if your home is properly vented and insulated, you may not notice a significant variance with energy star metal roofs. Of course, some homeowners in colder climates prefer dark roof colors to get the most natural capabilities from their roofing materials.

Tips for Choosing the Best Metal Roof Color

Choosing the perfect color for your roof will take some research before you make a final decision. Using different colors on your metal roofing can bring advantages, including enhancing a home’s curb appeal, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the resale value.

Knowing how different colors will look and the pros and cons of each will help make the process easier.

Here are some simple tips when exploring available color selections for your metal roof.

  • Type of metal roofing installed
  • Type of paint system
  • HOA homes
  • Your location’s climate
  • Additional exterior elements
  • Home size and roof pitch
  • Personal preference

Type of Metal Roofing Installed

Not all metal roofing materials will come in numerous color options. In addition, some metal materials will be more costly, making unique color choices expensive.

Type of Paint Systems

The paint system appropriate for your metal roof will depend on the metal panel type of material. Typically, you will find silicone-modified polyester (SMP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) paint systems for metal roofs.

SMP paint systems are common with agricultural buildings and siding and are less expensive. However, they don’t offer a wide range of color choices and will generally have neutral tones. PVDF is more expensive due to its superior quality and high durability. You can find more unique colors and finishes when choosing PVDF.

HOA Homes

metal roof colors talking with homeowners

Some Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs) only allow specific colors on a home’s exterior, including the roof. If you are part of an HOA, it’s best to check with them before deciding on a roof color. 

Your Location’s Climate

Sun exposure and severe weather can contribute to selecting a metal roof color. Some colors and finishes will help repel harsh UV rays, while other colors can provide better energy efficiency by absorbing heat.

Additional Exterior Elements

Often, when coordinating your roof color with the exterior siding, gutters, or doors, you can provide visual interest for the home. Homeowners may want to use a color combination that works well with their existing home’s siding, while others prefer contrasting color options for a more dramatic look.

Home Size and Roof Pitch

Specific colors on a roof can help your home look taller or less profound. For example, if you have a low roofing structure or a shallow pitch, using lighter colors can give the appearance of a tall roof. In contrast, darker colors work well on homes with steep pitches or extremely high roofs, less overpowering.

Personal Preference

Sometimes your preference will drive your decision on a roof color for your home. If you like different types of earth tones or light colors, it may be easy to find the one you want. However, if you want a unique finish like metallic, it may limit your roofing color options. 

Be sure to use discretion when exploring various colors. You want to ensure the final product works with your existing siding, gutters, and other outdoor elements. 

The Takeaway

Deciding on metal roof colors can be overwhelming for many homeowners. Choosing between complementary colors or contrasting color options can leave you confused. However, it’s beneficial to research the type of metal roof you want and the color charts available from the manufacturer. This way, you can determine if the product has color limitations before deciding.

Choosing metal roofing colors that match the siding or other outdoor elements can provide an aesthetically pleasing home. Alternatively, contrasting colors on your building can give you a highly-attractive and unique appearance. Talk to a local roofing contractor for guidance if you have questions about the best type of metal roofing material and available color choices. 

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