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Can You Paint a Metal Roof? Everything You Need to Know

Your home is a big investment. The largest expense associated with your home is the roof. You want to get as much time and use out of your roof as possible before having to replace it. That is why many people are putting their money into a metal roof.

Metal roofs last a long time, are durable, and look good. While you won’t have to replace a metal roof as often, you will want to do something to touch up the way it looks from time to time. You may wonder if you can paint a metal roof. The answer is yes, and here is everything you need to know about how to do it.

What Are the Benefits of Painting a Metal Roof?

Painting a newly installed metal roof can help to insulate it and keep it looking new for much longer. Painting an older, rusty metal roof could revitalize the look of your home and add years of life to the metal underneath. A coat of new paint has always been a trick to make the old look new again, but on metal roofs, it helps the function and longevity of your roof.

Should You Paint Your Metal Roof Yourself?

There are plenty of professional services that paint metal roofs. They will charge between $1 to $3 per square foot. Depending on the size of your roof and how difficult the job is, you could pay up to $4,000. It will also have to be re-painted in a few years.

It is much cheaper to paint your metal roof yourself. Most of the supplies are inexpensive, with your highest cost being the paint and primer. Most roofs can be painted in one day.

What You Need

can you paint a metal roof what kind use

Never start a do-it-yourself project on your home without doing some research. Read a few articles and watch videos online about painting metal roofs before getting started. Here are some tools you will need when you are ready to begin.

  • Wire brush
  • Pain brushes
  • Power washer
  • Paint roller
  • Pain sprayer (optional)
  • Metal primer
  • Ladder
  • Paint (More on that below)

What Kind of Paint Do You Need For Metal Roofing?

Picking the paint you will use on your roof is about more than the color. Many types of paint react differently when put on a particular surface. Be sure to discuss the paint options with the professional at the store before heading home to start the project.

Acrylic Latex Paint

The right kind of acrylic latex paint will work on a metal roof. You should be able to find one designed for metal surfaces. It will adhere to the roof and will be less likely to become loose paint that will flake off later. Acrylic latex paint is cheaper than some of the alternatives, but it may not last as long.

Oil-Based Alkyd Paint

Many experts believe that oil-based alkyd paint is best to use on a metal roof. It adheres as well as acrylic, but the heat bond is better. Metal roofs are exposed to high temperatures in direct sunlight.

Steps To Paint a Metal Roof

Painting your roof correctly is key to having it look good and last a long time. You must prep the area properly before the paint can go on, or it will not adhere correctly. You may find yourself doing the job again very soon. As with any DIY project, take your time. Not trying to get it done too quickly will pay off in the end.

1. Prep the Roof

Before painting metal roofing, you must scrape all the old paint from the metal surface. You can do this with a paint scraper and a wire brush. This can be the longest and most labor-intensive part of the process.

2. Wash the Roof

can you paint a metal roof washing the roof

Washing all the old paint and debris away from the roof with a power washer will prepare your surface to be painted. Once you have exposed the bare metal roof underneath, you should wait at least an hour to allow it to dry. Once that is done, you can begin to apply paint.

3. Apply the Primer

A thick coat of galvanized metal primer should be applied to the entire roof with a paint roller or paint brushes. The primer will protect your roof from rust and give the paint something to stick to other than the metal surface. It will also give a much smoother look to the entire project once it is complete.

4. Paint the Roof

After waiting an hour for the primer to dry, it is time to apply a coat of paint to the roof. A paint sprayer can make this work much faster, but a paint roller will do the job just fine. Give the paint an hour to dry before applying another coat.

How Long Will My Metal Roof’s Paint Last?

Depending on the type of paint you used on your roof, it should last three to five years before it will need re-painted. If you invest in more expensive, higher-quality paint, it may last longer. Cheaper paints may start to fade and flake after a few years.

Painting a Metal Shingle Roof

Metal shingles are popular because they look like an old-style shingled roof while also being as long-lasting and sustainable as a metal roof. You can paint roof shingles just like a traditional metal roof. However, all the steps to do so may take longer since it is not a single surface. You will want to make sure you get all of the areas covered evenly.


Painting metal roofs are not only a good way to give your home more curb appeal, but it will also give it a longer life and more functionality. While paying a service to paint your roof will ensure it gets done correctly, doing it yourself will save you a lot of money. With a few supplies, some research, and attention to detail, you can make it look like other newly installed metal roofs.

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